HVAC Services

  • Heat load calculation, selection of equipment and energy conservation in terms of savings in power, building automation (BMS), etc.
  • AC Systems (DX Type/ Chilled Water System): Reciprocating screw shillers, centrifugal chillers in the range of 100-3500 TR central plants and District Cooling System up to a capacity of 9800 TR, chilled water pipe, fitting, valves, accessories, etc. Fabrication of ducts in accordance with SMACNA/DW 142 standard and installation as per ASHRAE standard.
  • Specialized Systems: Smoke Management System, Staircase Pressurization System, 24x7 Monitoring System, etc. Management of specific noise/vibration control prior to the installation of chillers, pumps, air handling units, fan coil units, extract fans, etc.

Air balancing/water balancing prior to final testing and commissioning, in accordance with CIBSE.